Jam, Bahram
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Title: The Pain Truth & Nothing But: Simplifying Pain Education

Synopsis: There is now substantial evidence to support the use of pain neuroscience education for the management of individuals with persistent pain and disability; as a result, there are currently several options available for health care providers who wish to provide pain neuroscience education. However, discriminating among the various pain education approaches can sometimes be overwhelming for clinicians working in a busy practice.

This presentations will review the various pain neuroscience education approaches, books and videos that are available and will discuss identifying strategies that best uniquely suit both the clinician and the patient leaning styles.

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BIO: Bahram Jam graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada in 1992 with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy. In 1999 he completed a Clinical Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, Australia and in 2009 he completed his Doctorate in Science in Physical Therapy at Andrews University, USA. He has the Canadian Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy and is also credentialed with the McKenzie Institute International.

He is the founder and director of Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) and has been a chief instructor for over one thousand post-graduate Orthopaedic clinical courses across Canada and internationally. He continues to practice and has had extensive clinical experience with direct patient care.

He is presently practicing at Athlete’s Care Clinic Located at York University Campus, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.