Benedetti, Fabrizio, Ph.D.
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 Placebo and Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains

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Fabrizio Benedetti, MD

 Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti

BIO: Fabrizio Benedetti, M.D. is Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Turin Medical School and at the National Institute of Neuroscience, Turin, Italy. He has been nominated member of The Academy of Europe and of the European Dana Alliance for the Brain. He was consultant of the Placebo Project at the US National Institute of Health and member of the six strong Placebo Study Group at Harvard University, and held positions at the University of California and the University of Texas. He identified some basic mechanisms of placebo responses across a variety of medical conditions, such as the involvement of endogenous opioids in placebo analgesia and of cholecystokinin in nocebo hyperalgesia, as well as the neuronal circuit that is affected by placebos in Parkinson’s disease. He is author of the book Placebo Effects (Oxford University Press 2008), which received the Highly Commended Book Award of the British Medical Association, and The Patient’s Brain (Oxford University Press 2010).