Pain Science Education Collections

The following presentations are from previous San Diego Pain Summit conferences.  They have been grouped together by main subject matter.


Clinical Applications

These speakers share ways they directly apply pain science into clinical practice. 

Collection of presentations from:

  • Cory Blickenstaff - Novel Movement Opportunities Using The Edgework Approach
  • Dr. Joe Brence - The M.I.P. Algorithm
  • Dr. Sandy Hilton - Practical Pain Science In The Clinic
  • Dr. Peter O'Sullivan - Cognitive Functional Therapy
  • Neil Pearson - Yoga As A Vehicle For Pain Science Education
  • Alison Sim - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dr. Kevin Vowles - Willingness to Have Pain & Commitment to Valued Living in Chronic Pain

Clinical Frameworks

The following presentations offer frameworks developed from perspectives based on pain science.

  • Ben Cormack - Stepping Away From Exercise And Towards Movement
  • Barrett Dorko - Simple Contact: Role Of Instinct To Self Correct
  • Dr. Roderick Henderson - Making Sense Out of Exercise and Pain
  • Dr. Eric Kruger - Making Progress In The Face Of Uncertain Pain
  • Professor Michael Shacklock - Challenging The Challenge
  • Dr. Jason Silvernail - Crossing The Chasm

Communication Skills

Collection of presentations about how we can discuss pain science with our colleagues and/or patients.

  • Kara Barnett - Multi-Model Approach To Pain In An HMO Environment
  • Dr. Jonathan Fass - A Tree Falls In A Forest: Improving Pain Science Communication
  • Dr. Bonnie Thompson - Clinicians Get Creative
  • Dr. Bronnie Thompson - Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence And Communication
  • Collaboration Forum: Facilitating Professional Dialogue (Cormack, Dr. Fass, Dr. Silvernail, & Tumminello)

Pain Research

Scientists present their current research on pain.

  • Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti - Placebo & Nocebo
  • Dr. Melissa Farmer - Birth & Death Of The Pain Engram
  • Dr. Jeffrey Mogil - Pain In Mice & Man: Ironic Adventures In Translation
  • Panel: Psychosocial Influences Of Pain and Its Treatment (Dr. Darnall, Dr. Koban, & Dr. Moyer)


These presentations cover the essential sciences including neuroanatomy and the pelvis.

  • Diane Jacobs - Making Connections: Manual Therapy For The Nervous System
  • Carolyn Vandyken - Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: The Missing Link in Persistent LBP?