Once you have the link, you can watch anytime on any device as long as you have wifi. Each presentation is 45 min long with a 15 min Q&A. References are included for each talk that you can download.

2016 SDPS Videos
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~ Keynote Dr. Robert Sapolsky didn't allow the distribution of his 1 hr presentation, but the 30 min Q&A is included in this video series.

~ Placebo and Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains by Fabrizio Benedetti, Ph.D.

~ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In A Manual Therapy Setting by Alison Sim

~ The Professionalization of Massage Therapy through Integration with Pain Science by Ravensara Travillian, Ph.D.

~ Willingness To Have Pain and Commitment To Valued Living In Chronic Pain by Kevin Vowles, Ph.D.

~ Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence And Communication by Bronnie Lennox Thompson, Ph.D.

~ Clinical Application of the Pain Paradigm: Challenging the Challenge by Michael Shacklock, DipPhysio, MAppSc, FACP

~ Practical Pain Science in the Clinic by Sandy Hilton, DPT, MSc

~ Insights On Movement From A Feldenkrais Perspective by Todd Hargrove